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Swimming Pool Inspection

Just as a home inspection informs you about the condition of the home you are interested in purchasing, a pool inspection informs you about the condition of the pool. Most home inspectors do not offer a pool inspection, as this requires specialized skills. Some pool service companies may offer inspections, but as this is not the focus of their business, they are unlikely to have highly trained and experienced staff solely dedicated to this purpose.

 We inspect the whole pool environment, not just the pool and equipment. The intention of a pool inspection is to evaluate the current condition of all accessible pool components. We identify items that need repair to make the pool operational, safe and reasonable to maintain. We also note the condition of the fence, gates, walkway, pool perimeter, deck, rails, coping, lighting, structure, and other items of possible concern. Occasionally the inspection will reveal that further specialized testing is warranted.

You receive a detailed, customized report. It summarizes our evaluation on the condition of your particular pool and its associated accessible equipment. Digital photos are taken to assist us in composing the inspection report. 

Recommendations for maintenance and repairs are listed in this report, needed to make the pool operational and reasonable to maintain. The inspection report provides the buyer with valuable information about the condition of the pool and its environment. A detailed report will be posted on a secure password protected web site the same day of the inspection. Our report enables you to proceed with confidence in your purchasing decision and to look forward to becoming a pool owner.

We abide by a strict code of ethics and will not perform repairs or make referrals on any pool we have inspected.

(239) 271-8499